About Us

Who and what is VTX Tools?

Since our inception, we set out on a journey to choose the most unique and interesting name in the industry! What can we say, the tail end of the alphabet is filled with hidden gems – VTX!!! VTX stands for Vertex, the intersection between speed and quality.

In all seriousness, the name doesn’t matter so much, it’s about the people, and boy do we have some winners! VTX Tools is in the business to sell and support consumables (blades, bits and mats) to a rapidly growing and always changing digital finishing industry. 

With over 50+ years of experience in digital cutting (dang we’re old!), our mission is to provide the best quality products for the best price, and offer unparalleled service and support. Your jobs and reputations rely on it, and we take that very seriously. 

At VTX Tools we source the freshest and most organic products available. At this very moment, we have our buyers out scouring the face of the earth to bring you our freshest consumables ever from farm to table…..cutting table that is. Just check out our ingredients.

 (Unfortunately, we can’t show you the ingredients, or everyone would find out and start using, which wouldn’t make them very special anymore, so you’ll just have to take our word for it!)

VTX Tools “Super Carbide” is the future of cutting tools!  It’s rocket fuel for your cutting table, and we are so confident in our new product line, that we’re willing to let you try one out free of charge. Yes, we said free!

But, don’t take our word for it, check out what real customers are saying about the “Super Carbide” line right now!


The VTX Team


We tested the VTX-K16, VTX-K13 blades and the VTX-Ru203, VTX-Ru101 with very good results.  In any given day, we are cutting or routing quite a few different substrates.  These blades and bits stay sharper and last longer than the other manufacturer’s blades we were purchasing.  Their quality is super.

Scot Tennyck and Mark Jansen
Mandel Graphic Solutions
Glendale, WI

“I was more than extremely impressed with the bit’s [VTX-Ru203] performance.  Good work.”

Joe Stuettgen
Reprographic Technologies  
Milwaukee, WI

The VTX-K12 blade is working great. We haven’t had much routing to do, but me and Kong love the mats so far. Thank you.

Menomonee Falls, WI