Very robust, heavy-duty oscillating blade for wide range of materials.

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 Very robust, heavy-duty, carbide oscillating blade for wide range of materials.

Product Details

Process Category Knife Blades
Process Type Knife – Oscillate
Compatible Machines / Models Kongsberg: XP/C;
Zund: G3, S3;
Gerber: MCT;
Summa: F Series;
Multicam: Celero/Digital Express;
Cutworx: Apex Series;
Blade Angle 60°+88°
Max Cut Length 57 mm (2.244 inch)
Blade Thickness 1.5 mm (0.059 inch)
Knife Type Flat Stock
Start Overcut
End Overcut 3.5 + 0.03
Board - Soft Corrugated Plastic, corrugated sandwich, Dispa®, F-Sorb®, Foam Board, Fome-Cor®, Insite® Foam Board, Matboard, Polyester Acoustic Board, Reboard®, Sandwich Board, Xanita® Board
Composite Armid Dry Fiber, Dry Carbon Fiber, Dry Glass Fiber, Nomex® Dry Fiber
Corrugated - Single Wall or Single Face A Flute, B Flute, C Flute, D Flute, E Flute, F Flute
Corrugated - Double Wall A/B Flute, B/C Flute, B/E Flute, E/B Flute, E/C Flute, E/E Flute, F/E Flute
Corrugated - Triple Wall A/B/A Flute, E/B/E Flute
Flexible Material Carpet, Cork, Ejection Rubber, Fiber Glass, Foam, Garlock®, Gasket Material, Insulation, Magnetic Foil, Magnum Magnetics, Rubber, Zintra®
Folding Carton / Chipboard 2XL (85pt), Extra Heavy (50pt), Light (20pt), XL (32pt)
Textile Felt